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Chemical manufacturers, importers and processors will be significantly impacted by a number of major events and deadlines coming up under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) in the months ahead.

In June, the US EPA must complete risk evaluations on 10 substances and then initiate risk management rules that could restrict or even ban certain uses of these substances. At the same time, the US EPA must initiate new risk evaluations on 20 other “high-priority” substances, including developing scoping documents that will be subject to public comment. Moreover, by late May, companies that manufacture or import any of these 20 high-priority substances must “self-identify” and will be required to pay part of a US$1.35 million fee for each risk evaluation, if they do not qualify for one of the exemptions established by the US EPA. On top of it all, the US EPA made a number of important changes to the information that companies must provide under the TSCA Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) rule about the substances they manufacture or import, with the reporting period beginning June 1.

Chemical manufacturers, processors and users need to understand the effect and implications of these – and other – events for them and stay on top of the tidal wave of TSCA activity that is heading their way.

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