This webinar will explore the latest developments in Congress regarding additional stimulus legislation and the likelihood that it will include an infrastructure component. We will also focus on challenges associated with environmental permitting in the infrastructure development context, primarily those projects that involve impact to wetlands and streams under the Clean Water Act. The discussion will include an update regarding US EPA’s and the US Army Corps’ of Engineers’ final rule to streamline the definition of “waters of the United States,” US EPA’s proposed revisions to the state water quality certification process, and the implications of Northern Plains Resource Council, et al, v US Army Corps of Engineers on the nationwide permitting program. We will also discuss the Council on Environmental Quality’s proposed revisions to its rules implementing the National Environmental Policy Act. Finally, we will examine the US Supreme Court’s decision in County of Maui v Hawaii Wildlife Fund, et al.

Please join Bill Shuster, Karen Winters, and Carolyn McIntosh for the fourth session in the US ESH Webinar Series on Tuesday, May 5 between 1 and 2 p.m. EDT – register here – as they discuss “Environmental Challenges Associated with Infrastructure Development.” For more information about the US ESH Webinar Series contact Christopher Timms, +1 602 528 4110.