With heightened public awareness around single-use plastics, and ever-evolving sustainability and circular economy policies, many boardrooms across Europe and beyond have been placing these issues high on their agendas. In addition, there are significant changes ahead for the plastics producing, recycling and using industries in 2021.

Gloria Gabellini, director of Environmental Policy at PepsiCo, and Jens Kathmann, secretary general at Styrenics Circular Solutions, will be joined by our own experts, Anita Lloyd, director, and Ken Huestebeck, senior associate, to explore some of the forthcoming regulatory policy proposals on plastics recycling in the EU and the UK that will impact businesses.

Tony Reed, EMEA chair of the global Corporate Practice, will introduce the speakers and Matthew Kirk, international affairs advisor, will host the discussion.  Questions will be invited from the audience before and during this discussion.

This Talk to the Experts Forum will be on Thursday 14 January 2021 from 2-3 pm GMT.