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Obama Administration Extends Comment Period on Social Cost of Carbon in the US

As a follow up to our previous report, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has extended the public comment period on the Obama Administration’s November 2013 technical support document (TSD) on the social cost of carbon (SCC) by 30 days to February 26, 2014.   The extension came in response to requests by industry for more time … Continue Reading

Ready, Set, Comment: OMB Soliciting Input on Social Cost of Carbon Technical Support Document

Today the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) published notice of its request for comment on the Technical Support Document (TSD) for the Social Cost of Carbon (SCC).  While OMB is seeking input on “all aspects of the TSD and its use of integrated assessment models (IAMs) to estimate SCC values to support agency regulatory … Continue Reading

Set Your Energy Efficient Microwave Oven’s Timer, And Get Ready to Comment on the Social Cost of Carbon

In June, we wrote about the Obama Administration increasing the Social Cost of Carbon.  Predictably, people were unhappy about being informed of the increase through a regulatory impact analysis that dealt with energy efficiency standards for microwave ovens.  The lackluster reveal attracted so much attention that the Obama Administration recently announced that it will provide … Continue Reading