Online NewsWe are pleased to share our latest edition of “frESH Law Horizons: Key Developments in UK & EU Environment, Safety and Health Law, Procedure and Policy”. In the January 2019 edition, we summarise 27 developments in the environmental, safety and health sector. Top stories this month include:

  • Post-Brexit environmental guidance set out in the Environment Bill, which introduces principles that will apply in place of the EU treaty principles after Brexit
  • The publishing of Defra’s long-awaited Resources and Waste Strategy for England, which looks at several issues in relation to various types of waste
  • An Environment Agency proposal to revise its public participation statement for environmental permitting
  • Defra issuing its Clean Air Strategy, intended provide a stronger legislative framework for future action on air pollution
  • Environment Agency guidance on environmental permitting compliance and its response to last year’s consultation changes to permit compliance scoring

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